We are excited to welcome you to join us at the Maersk Towers,  University of Copenhagen on the 26 – 30 June 2023

By becoming a Sponsor at Bageco2023 you are supporting knowledge sharing, collaborate with the development of young scientists, and helping to link up Industry and Scientific community. In addidtion, your organisation will benefit from being associated with the entire promotional campaing, which will take place before, during and after the Congress!


For further information contact
Sales Manager Elis Xavier

As Bageco's Sponsors, you will have the oppurtunity to:

Networking with multiple stakeholders in the field building solid relationships.

Take part in our Quiz, supporting more interactive participation between Industry & delegates and much more.

Showcase your brand or product.

Engage in Insightful discussions and in the development of new ideas in the field of Bacterial genetics and ecology.

Hurry up, a limited number of stands are available!

Gold Sponsor

Atrandi Biosciences is an emerging developer and provider of innovative microfluidic and high-throughput screening solutions. Its novel technology platorm enables researchers to gain unparalleled insights into the biology of single cells, offering immediate applications in single-cell sequencing, drug and antibody discovery, functional metagenomics, microbial analysis, directed evolution, and synthetic biology.
With systems installed in leading academic and commercial laboratories around the world, Atrandi Biosciences is committed to providing simple-to-adopt and easy-to-use single-cell analysis solutions that accelerate your research.